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Caravan C208 Client Testaments

Exceeded my expectations, Thanks! Instructors set the tone for the whole training experience, they were all excellent.

Jerry F. – C208 Recurrent (November 2018)

FlyRight has a great Support Staff and Instructors. They do their utmost to help and guide you, with whatever your needs are. Looking forward to returning and flying the C-208B with a G1000 suite.

Stanley G. – C208 Recurrent (October 2018)

FlyRight is head and shoulders above (Competitors name removed) from the standpoint of the course materials and the -208 simulator. Instructors … we had Mark for our warm up and Guy for our check ride. I can’t say enough positive things about both of them. Their experience level is varied and significant which is good. I felt that when Mark turned us loose, we would be fine on the check ride. I was pretty well beat after the warm up … as well I should have been! Guy immediately put us at ease (as did Mark) and ran a very straightforward check ride … no surprises. The visual is way better than the sim at (Competitors name removed) … and I think the FlyRight sim just flies better all around … and that is largely, again, due to the way the sim trims up. Both Mark and Guy had hints and tips for flying the sim and their words of wisdom were much appreciated! Top notch … and the reasons are their patience, sense of humor and a willingness to put in the time and effort to see that we got the most out of our training. They know what they are talking about.

Lee R. - C208 Recurrent (July 2018)

After five times at (Competitors name removed) (all successful evaluations), twice for C-208B initials and recurrents as well as a Hawker type rating, I prefer your program, instructor, evaluator, simulator and facility. (Competitors name removed) seems to have slowly degraded in customer service over the past ten years. Mark is really good. I had the chance to talk to him when he came out and observed some of my flights at (Company name removed) on the line. He is really level headed and has a proper instructor attitude. Definitely the kind of pilot I would want to fly with on any line and very personable. His instruction was clear, followed the course curriculum and he was able to help correct my steep turns from unacceptable to an only +/- 20 foot loss in the two 360s in about 5 minutes. He understands the sim and what a pilot needs to hear to correct. Checkride was a breeze after the flight with him. Guy is frickin awesome. He cuts right to the deal and did not waste time. He ran all the profiles accurately and fairly. He made the testing environment very stress free, so I just got in and flew, showed what I could do. The oral was thorough on both the general Caravan topics as well as our Operational Specifications. Nothing was “easy.” It was fair and thorough. Yeah, you are running a quality program.

Marc N. – C208 Recurrent (July 2018)

I was very impressed with the facilities at FlyRight. The classrooms and simulators were clearly very well maintained. Also, Z at the front desk is an absolute rock star who provided a customer service experience far above what I had expected. Overall the whole experience was outstanding. Randy, the instructor for my C208 course was clearly a highly qualified professional whose experience brought a gravitas to the course material that would have been missing had a less experienced person taught the course

Micah O. – C208 Initial (June 2018)

Quality instruction. Measures up to any military and airline training I’ve experienced.

Terry T – C208 Initial (June 2018)

The office staff have been very courteous and welcoming. The facility and equipment are top notch. The flight instructors, Mark and Carlos, went above and beyond to ensure I received the level of training and proficiency I needed. They were very professional, extremely supportive, encouraging and patient. They made sure my questions were thoroughly answered and my concerns addressed. I was also highly impressed with their depth of knowledge. I cannot say enough good things about them. I am highly appreciative of their efforts. This has been my first experience with full motion simulator. It was humbling, but the experience was invaluable. It was awesome!!! I am already looking forward to my recurrent training with FlyRight.

Faisal E. – C208 Initial (March 2018)

Very good experience. My company is looking for good value, you folks provide it. Reception and staff were very friendly, helpful, and competent.

Beverly M. – C208 Company Check Ride 1/2018

First training experience. Excellent course! Randy was a very good instructor, very knowledgeable and conducted the training with a genuine interest in my success.

Nigel S. – C208B Initial 1/2018

I had a very good training experience and learned more about the importance of getting quality training, such as the training provided by FlyRight.

John R. – C208B Part 135 Check Ride 11/2017

Your FlyRight facility, as a whole, is top-notch! The folks there, whom I met, were most friendly and welcoming. Moreover, my instructors there were excellent as well! Randy, Dave, and Mark each were: extremely personable; most knowledgeable, and each possessed extensive, and varied flight experience. That, to me, is MOST appreciated! Your FlyRight facility, in of itself, is extremely attractive as a whole. Overall, I had an extremely excellent experience at FlyRight. I would strongly recommend that any pilot, both newcomers and veterans alike, take the aircraft courses that you provide; I had already apprised my employer with regards to the superb quality of FlyRight. Thank you all so for an excellent learning experience.

I really enjoyed how my instructors challenged me and exposed me to any potential would-be in-flight emergencies.

Your FlyRight instructors have extensive real-world experience that I have never experienced before in a classroom. [Competitor name removed] isn’t bad; however, [Competitor name removed] felt more “processed” as opposed to FlyRight. I appreciate the fact that FlyRight is more one-on-one and more personalized – as opposed to [Competitor name removed].

Spencer B. – C208B Recurrent 10/2017