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DHC-8 100/200/300 Client Testaments

From the moment I checked in at the front desk until the completion of training I felt like family. I would like to thank Wiet and Michael for the excellent training experience they are both incredible instructors with a wealth of knowledge.

Charlie C. – DHC8 Recurrent (September 2018)

As always FR delivered a meaningful and relevant training event. The instructors had a great knowledge of the systems and program and were able to convey that information with 100% success. Will continue to recommend FlyRight INC as the primary go to for training in these airframes. -The classroom Smartboards were an asset to training and 100% sustain for the future. -Instructors were highly competent and adept in adjusting both the classroom training and simulator sessions to compliment us as individuals. This resulted in meeting course objectives as well as making a lasting training impression for operations outside the training environment. This training WILL impact how we do business. -The CBT program is innovative as it allows for self paced study in order to prepare or reinforce systems taught in the classroom. There were several inconsistencies between the FR Pilot training manual, CBT’s and classroom instruction. Each item identified were addressed quickly in person and clarified without issue. -The digital PTM was not available through the normal online publications location. A quick call and we were able to get a copy in order to be better prepared. I assume the size (65mb) was an IT issue. -Detailed flows in the PTM helped prepare for training before arrival. FR’s ability to remain dynamic in callouts and procedures to support individual operators is outstanding. During training there were several opinions of recommended flows and call outs. As a crew we were able to clarify the training intent and ensure our preparation for training met the course objectives. The “official” call out sheets were modified during training and delivered before course completion. -The DHC-8 paper trainer was invaluable to self training. Sustain also with providing the paper cockpit versions for home study.

David G. – DHC8 Initial (September 2018)

Way better than (competitor name removed) and (competitor name removed). Facilities and equipment were great. Everything was straight forward, which is the way it should be in training. My experience here was way better than my training in the ATR at (competitor name removed).

Kirk L. – DHC8 Initial (March 2018)

Ben, Michael, and Danny were all great well informed patient instructors! And the front desk staff made everyone feel welcome every day and took care of all our special requests. You can’t beat that!

Paul M. – DHC8 Initial (March 2018)

What sets my FlyRight experience apart from [Competitors name removed and Competitors name removed] was the experienced pilots that were conducting the training. Danny and Mike were phenomenal! I really enjoyed that they were experienced in the DHC-8, professional and down to Earth. I WILL come back and send more guys to FlyRight because of the expertise in the airframe of the instructors. Danny and Michael made that course awesome, their expertise in the aircraft helped me understand the aircraft better. Top 5% of instructors I have worked with. Andy is the epitome of what I expect from customer service.

Jason B. – DHC8 Recurrent

Without a doubt the best customer service I have ever experience in any 142 school. Very personable and genuine people. Please continue to exercise a business model where customization is the key to client satisfaction. Danny and Mike accentuate what the standard for instructors should be in the aviation industry. Above [Competitor name removed and Competitor name removed].

Tomas C. – DHC8 Recurrent

The FlyRight instructors have a higher level of ownership and care in their quality and content than I have seen in other training centers. Very impressed with the people I worked with. The training was conducted in a way that allowed for some challenging scenarios; but the checking was completed in a very basic situations. That matches well with the concept of train hard and check fairly.

Enoch B. – DHC8 Recurrent 1/2018

Outstanding! I’ve done recurrent for 7 years, best one yet! Adaptable to our unique training needs and profile.

Michael W. – DHC8 Recurrent 1/2018

Excellent. The simulator had good handling characteristics comparable to [Competitors name removed] Class D sim. Any simulator/checkride is stressful but Ben/Mike made this much less of an issue. I learned several things solidly that I might only have heard once at [Competitors name removed], including the reasons behind what we do with the AFCS setup.

Thomas L. – DHC8 Recurrent 1/2018

Incredible! Way above the rest. Overall, this training experience was exceptional. Ben was an incredible instructor. Great knowledge of the aircraft. Appreciated how you could give the reasons why procedures were done in certain ways, rather than just saying that is the way it was done.

Rachel W. – DHC8 Recurrent 12/2017

I’ve been to [Competitors name removed and Competitors name removed] for Dash training, and this is by far the best. Ben was amazing! Knowledgeable, great teaching ability.

Kris K. – DHC8 Recurrent 12/2017

I learned a couple new things which is great. Very professional. Great course. Overall, you have a nice facility, nice local area and are set up for success. For some reason, this training was less stressful than other training centers. Focus was on learning and improving.

Phil R. – DHC8 Recurrent – 12/2017