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King Air 200/B200 Client Testaments

Your “strengths” are your instructors, all of them, you have a bunch of real life experience in them, kindly shared to beginner pilots, like us , We love that. I Really want to thank BOB for being such a GREAT instructor and human being, we had the BEST recurrent training ever!! Bob was way beyond our expectations and we learned a lot from him!! We would love to have him as our training instructor next year. Your facilities and equipment are GOOD, but it’s people like Bob who keeps us coming back for training with you guys ,keep up the good work FlyRight. See you soon!!

Sergio M. – BE-200 Recurrents (June 2018)

My simulator and ground training was some of the best I have experienced in over 15 years of attending this type of training at multiple training facilities. The instructors and support staff were extremely professional and made the experience top-notch. Their attention to detail and customer focus stood out as a highlight in my experience – something that is no longer typical at the larger industry training centers. Bob was one of the finest instructors I have ever received instruction from, both in the ground and simulator classes. His mix of experience and knowledge was perfect to provide context and understanding of the aircraft knowledge and flight simulations. His customer focus and attention to detail was simply awesome! He demonstrated in a meaningful way that he cared about our whole experience at the training facility and his dedication to leaving no detail undone!

Richard F. – BE200 Recurrent (April 2018)

FlyRight is, in my opinion, far superior to other training academies I have attended over the twenty years I have been flying King Airs. This was my third recurrent at your location and none of the events have been the same which I see as a sign of adaptability on your part. While all the information/instruction met recurrent standards, the instructors made sure they went the extra mile to bring us into the discussions we were having rather than just preaching to us. Means the world! Both Mike and Bob are very willing to share there years of experience to help make you a safer more technically aware pilot. Both instructors covered the FAA required training but went over and above to search out areas I would like to focus on which I highly value. They focus time on relevant, real world issues rather than obscure “gotcha” scenarios that have an almost impossible chance of happening. I look forward to training with both gentlemen again!

Jim S. – BE200 Recurrent (March 2018)

Top notch! A great deal of my success can be directly attributed to my instructor, Bob. His knowledge and concentration on pertinent info were key. His flexibility also greatly contributed to my success by taking the time to go over areas I needed some extra time with. When I return for my next recurrent, I’m requesting Bob as my instructor! Chuck’s knowledge and combination of teaching differences and adding real world examples kept the class interesting and on point. I also wanted to mention Ben. Extremely knowledgeable of the King Air 200, he cleared up a couple of points I still had some questions on and provided a comprehensive and fair check ride.

Jeff G. – BE200 Recurrent + 135 Check Ride (March 2018)

So happy with training. Instructors were amazing. Material was what we felt right on target. I could not have been happier with the training and training material. The classroom boards were very impressive and very helpful in the classroom. I loved the fact instructors could write and erase right on top of system. Best I have had. The instructors are pilots with plenty of experience and knowledge. I felt it was their priority to make us feel comfortable enough to help make training enjoyable so that we could truly walk away with as much as possible.

Cara L. – BE200 Recurrent

VERY GOOD! Very happy with the approach to learning the systems and operation of the aircraft/sim. Mike was great and straight forward to immediate mishaps, kept me on my toes, Bob was a blessing, helping me to relax. Then, the MAJOR drilling on emergency procedures was very beneficial, keeps one from getting complacent anytime. That’s the training I paid to get, I am very proud to be a FlyRight student/graduate and to have been trained by two great instructors.

Rodney H. – BE200 Initial 1/2018

It is always a very pleasant experience working with you and your instructors. Special kudos for Dan for his great presentation of academic training as well as sim training.

Fred G. – BE200 Recurrent 1/2018

Dan was very good, with a great attitude, good sense of humor, and a willingness to discuss issues. The course was a good length and Dan’s tailored use of the simulator to put us in my normal high altitude flying environment (Bogota, Colombia) was very useful for the emergency procedures review and my confidence and learning curve. Easily as professional as others, but FlyRight has a strength in providing more personalized instruction.

Scot L. – BE200 Recurrent 1/2018

FlyRight instruction is top notch! John’s way of instruction in the simulator is excellent. Not only are the boxes checked, but he makes it fun with real world situations and experiences.

Dan W. – BE200 Recurrent 1/2018

Great actual knowledge of the aircraft. Way more personal and tailored instruction with real world type specific experience.

Todd S. – BE200 Initial + Type Rating 1/2018

Our instructor Dan was professional, courteous, and committed. It was a rewarding, beneficial, and enjoyable recurrent. I highly recommend him and compliment his professionalism.

Ric E. – BE200 Recurrent 12/2017

This was my first sim experience. I had some trepidation on how I would perform in that environment. Your facilities and staff quickly removed any doubt and facilitated an enjoyable and productive experience.

Rusty M. – BE200 Recurrent 12/2017

Great “real life” scenarios. Comparable, or even higher quality than other training providers.

Louis L. – BE200 Recurrent 12/2017

Excellent refresher for instrument procedures and emergency procedures. Simulator experience was EXCELLENT. Dan was an EXCELLENT simulator instructor. He set the emergencies, etc. up very nicely and made them seem relatively realistic. Thanks! See you next year! I’ve been to [Competitors name removed and Competitors name removed]. FlyRight compares with both of these companies.

Robert C. – BE200 Recurrent 11/2017

My experience has been limited to Dan for the last 2 years. Compared to other centers I have experienced in my 30 years of doing this, he is outstanding.

Greg M. – BE200 Recurrent 11/2017

Your customer service is very good. You make us feel like we are your only customers and that is your strongest characteristic. We appreciated that you tried to tailor the training time to feel our desires.

Mike G. – BE200 Recurrent 11/2017

I like the casual professionalism… the family feel rather than the cookie-cutter, here to learn blah blah blah. You know what I’m talking about. You guys have my kind of learning environment!

Andy W. – BE200 Recurrent 12/2017