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King Air 300/350 Client Testaments

Better than my initial training at (Competitor Name Removed) and superior to the recurrent training I got at (Other Competitor name Removed) in years past. Guy’s ability to pick out and key in on the students need for help in rough areas is an ability that great instructors have developed only after many years of instruction. The VAPT simulators were Great for solidifying muscle memory on the FMS and reinforcing all of the procedures from the QRH. Great tool!!!

John L. – BE-300 Recurrent (December 2018)

All completely incredible!!!! Head and shoulders above any I have ever had in 28 years. Kevin, Paul, Chris, Shahane, Brett and especially John were very patient, and I found this program much easier to learn than any military course I have ever been in. Awesome, awesome training and the most extreme professionals with also great sense of humor. They listen instead of directing and help when things aren’t quite clicking. I WILL be back for more training.

Brian B. – BE-300 Initial + Type Rating (November 2018)

I have nothing but excellent things to say about my experience at FlyRight. The instructors and facilities were excellent. I was really, really impressed with the level of instruction Kevin gave us in ground school- and am indebted to Brett, Guy and Paul for all of the awesome sim instruction. I have been through numerous aircraft training programs and can say the instructors at FlyRight dedicate themselves to helping students succeed more than any other experience I have had. Surpassed other training programs I have attended.

Chad R. – BE-300 Initial + Type Rating (November 2018)

Very impressed. Beautiful facility, knowledgeable and well experienced flight instructors who made the learning experience enjoyable and compelling. Very impressed with each instructor’s attitude for ensuring success. They each were willing to go above and beyond to ensure we understood the material and procedures. Qualities not found in other training centers! Well done and I’ll being seeing you again.

George G. – BE-300 Initial + Type Rating (November 2018)

I would have a difficult time trying to find something wrong with any aspect of FlyRight. I have jet type rating and have been to other school, the training at FlyRight was the best experience I have ever had. When I first read reviews I laughed and thought, Right. But after attending the school, they were right the instructors stayed as long as needed, came in and sat down when not teaching and offered help. I just can’t say enough about the class of people they have working for them. The Check airman Jim and Jay are top notch persons as well. I hope I get to come back here for recurrent. Thank you FlyRight… Best place I have ever trained. 100% heads and shoulder above the rest.

Chance D. – BE-300 Initial (October 2018)

(Company name removed) allowed me a choice for my BE-300 type course. I’d heard from my pilot buddies that FlyRight was the place to go. I was not disappointed. The instructors were stellar, the facility was wonderful, and every FlyRight employee I interacted with was professional and friendly. I have nothing but nice things to say about FlyRight, and if I have a choice for recurrent, I’ll be headed back in your direction. Thank you for the outstanding training and the warm hospitality! Overall outstanding. If an instructor didn’t know the answer to a question, he found someone who did. You can’t really ask for more than that. They are outstanding! Also, your program allows for a personal touch that other centers might not have. There’s a certain family feeling at FlyRight.

Kourtney K. – BE-300 Initial (July 2018)

Top notch! As always, the training at FlyRight was perfect! I enjoy the family vibe at FlyRight.  I always feel as if I am among friends from the second I walk through the front door. I would like to give a special thanks to Chris and Bret for providing excellent, professional and challenging flight instruction. It was just the kind of humbling fun I needed! Thank you again and I look forward to my next visit

Charlie M. – BE-300 Recurrent (July 2018)

Chris is one of the best both in the classroom and simulator that I have ever had in my flying career. Extremely knowledgeable with an understandable presentation. He takes the situation and adjust his presentation so that it all works!!

Massie S. – BE-300 Recurrent (July 2018)

Overall, I had a wonderful experience at Flyright.. I thought the facilities and equipment were in great condition. I really enjoyed the facility being open 24hrs. It is a nice, quiet place to study at the end of the day besides your hotel room and being able to use the VAPT was a great way to continue your training with the equipment outside your scheduled hours.  I appreciated the introduction from Jay on day 1, that if we do not mesh well with our instructors, to please let him know and he will set us up with some one else. Just another reason why I enjoyed Flyright, everyone is straight forward with you. Plus, every instructor has a different way of teaching, they are not right or wrong, it is just their style. After Bob, I had Chris for the remainder of my ground lessons and Chris was just the instructor I was expecting to find. I was mentally exhausted after Chris’ classes, but I also became very knowledgeable with the systems. After finishing ground, I met Guy and Carols for my sim training. Again, I could not have asked for better instructors. Not only knowledgeable with the aircraft, but a lot of real life experience which is always a great learning experience. Neither of them made it easy on you in the sim, which helped out tremendously during the check ride. Which is were I met Jim Klepper, my examiner. I could not have ended my time at Flyright with a better person. Not only did he perform my oral and flight examination, but he made sure that I was still learning something until the very end by not only being strictly an examiner, but as a teacher as well. Finally, I can not forget about Zee and Brenda, two people who made my time there very pleasant in between the classes and seem to be the glue that holds this place together. Thanks for everything!

Jesse J. – BE300 Initial + Type rating + 135 Check Ride (May 2018)

Very good course!!! Chris had good instruction techniques and was very knowledgeable on the 350. Had patience with all my questions and never felt rushed like I have been at other training facility’s. Thanks

Chris M. – BE300 Recurrent (April 2018)

Perfecto. El hecho de tener instructores que hablen español es un plus sobre otros centros. Carlos es un gran instructor, su forma de enseñar supera la didáctica. Lo que el enseña es exactamente lo que un piloto debe de saber para operar con seguridad la aeronave..la instrucción fue de primera, supero las expectativas que tenia. Gracias.

Boas R. – BE300 Recurrent (March 2018)

Outstanding. Every instructor I met gave me their cell phone number and said to call, day or night, if I had any questions about anything at all. The instructors are some of the highest quality I’ve encountered in all my training and experience. The entire staff was very knowledgeable and eager to teach as much as they possibly could. Never settled for just the minimum.

Marshall C. – BE300 Initial (March 2018)

The training at FlyRight was top notch. The facilities, instructors and equipment exceeded my expectations. Each instructor had excellent communication and teaching skills. The various backgrounds and techniques of the instructors provided for a well rounded learning environment. Without reservation I can state the best I have received. I look forward to returning for follow-on training. I have previously attended training at (competitor name removed), (competitor name removed) and (competitor name removed).

Michael W. – BE300 Initial (March 2018)

Once again FlyRight did it right! I enjoyed the experience from the time I walked in the door, my discussions with the front desk to the instructor. Brett did a great job. He was flexible to my schedule and covered everything at a pace appropriate to my level of experience.

Bugsy S. – BE300 Recurrent (February 2018)

All instructors offered their time outside of the allotted instructional time periods. Very much appreciated. Very knowledgeable and showed a genuine interest in seeing you succeed!

Steve K. – BE300 Initial 1/2018

Since I had not been in a cockpit professionally for 21 years, FlyRight’s supporting philosophy & positive training outlook for our entire class was phenomenal. Thanks for y’alls attention to details in making my learning experience exceptional! I have been to y’alls competition in ATL and will look forward to returning to Concord for recurrent training.

Bill J. – BE300 Initial 1/2018

I absolutely loved my experience at your facility. Thank you for all you do. Everyone at the facility is focused and dedicated to student success. Much more personal experience that was tailor to my needs than I have had anywhere else.

Josh J. – BE300 Recurrent 1/2018

Outstanding. Overall a great course and quality instruction by the staff. Carlos did an outstanding job tailoring the simulator work to my experience level and I even learned some new things to apply in the aircraft. I would definitely recommend this course to my peers.

Kevin H. – BE300 Recurrent 1/2018

They are certainly very knowledgeable and experienced aviators who know how to effectively teach the material. Also, you can tell they genuinely want to help each person get the best training experience. Those are great qualities that are not always easy to find. Guy has an excellent way of presenting the material at just the right pace and his excellent knowledge of the airplane allows him to explain the material, so it can be understood and retained well. Also, his extensive flying background shows in the practical application of the material to operating the aircraft under different situations.

Craig L. – BE300 Recurrent 1/2018

Excellent. I have only gone to FlyRight so they have set the bar high. I thoroughly enjoyed my BE300 recurrent course. Great review of all the systems and great experience flying the sim. Guy was an excellent instructor who made the course not only very informative, but enjoyable. I left there with a lot more confidence in handling the aircraft outside of routine flight. All of the staff make you feel welcome and comfortable.

Dan C. – BE300 Recurrent with Part 135 Check 1/2018

I have flown and trained in the major airline environment for over 28 years. My experience at FlyRight was right up there with the top of my list of quality programs. I thoroughly enjoyed the staff, facilities, and the overall package with you!  It is vital that an instructor will help relax the student and point out subtle details to help them focus on that task involved at any given time. Shahane is one of the finest instructors I have ever experienced in that skill set in a professional aviation training program. I hope his skills and personality will continue to help other students. Thank you for working with me and giving me a positive experience. I will highly recommend your facility with my other pilot contacts.

John M. – BE300 Custom Training 1/2018

Great no complaints would highly recommend Flyright, instructor were the best, Lauren was very helpful

Bob G. – BE300 Recurrent 12/2017

Overall the facility, the staff and equipment was eye-popping amazing! I really enjoyed your facility and staff in every department and area! Every person learns a little differently. Shahane’s personality and techniques work best for me. It’d been 25 years since my last king air experience. So, I needed a little extra help with technique and focus on the tasks required. Great experience and I highly recommend your flight training school!

John M. – BE300 Recurrent + SIC Removal 12/2017

Excellent flight instruction and knowledge of procedural training. Once again, FlyRight, Inc. and all personnel/staff/instructors show why that you are the true professionals of “what right looks like” in aviation simulation training! Great job to the facility as a whole. We look forward to showcasing you all as our number one facility for new hires.

Jim C. – BE300 Recurrent 12/2017

Guy was an excellent instructor; has a vast experience and knowledge of aviation which related to receiving quality instruction. Everyone from Jim to Andy are true professionals. The whole staff was very friendly and courteous. I look forward to returning to FlyRight next year. Equal if not better than competition.

Christopher B. BE300 Recurrent – 11/2017

Best! That’s why we keep coming back and recommending FlyRight.

Dale K. – BE300 Recurrent 11/2017

The Instruction was excellent. Very professional and with high knowledge of the plane.

Sergio G. – BE300 11/2017

Great training! Very knowledgeable; took time to answer any and all questions. Much better than [Competitors name removed].

Josh B. – BE300 Recurrent 11/2017

My intention is to share these sentiments in an email to your manager, but I’ll say it here- your training is superb. I’ve been through initial and recurrent training in the Navy, at three different airlines and via two different defense contractors. None exceeded the quality and professionalism I saw each day I was in your facility, and indeed, the training experience you provided beats that provided by your direct competitors –[Competitors name removed & Competitors name removed] – by a wide margin. I learned, I trained, and I left qualified and happy. I have no say-so in these matters, but I would not hesitate to give FlyRight my strongest possible recommendation.

Frederick S. – BE300 Recurrent 11/2017

Phillip was my instructor for both the ground and sim portions. He provided excellent training and sim scenarios. He also incorporated safety lessons learned into the training which I thought made the classes even more valuable. I went to another recurrent provider last year and FlyRight the year before. I prefer the training at FlyRight and hope to come back next year.

Gail D. – BE300 Recurrent 11/2017

Everything was as good or better than I have received previously. I would take FlyRight over [competitor name removed] anytime.

Jon. W. – BE300 Recurrent Training 11/2017

Everyone was professional and enjoyable to work with. I received great training that prepared me very well.

I received great training that prepared me very well.

Robert H. – BE300 Initial 11/2017

Excellent instructors, each of them had lots of real life and international flying experience. I learned valuable, practical, and safety tips from each instructor during the sim sessions. In two visits at FlyRight, instructors are consistently excellent.

Carlo C. – BE300 Recurrent 10/2017

I have been working as a pilot since 1965, that’s over 50 years in the business.

During that time I have received all types of flight training under all kinds of conditions. I have flown everything from the old Link trainer to the most modern 121 airline simulators, so I know what I am talking about in this area.

That said I would give FlyRight my highest personal rating.  The reason I give my unqualified, “Best”, rating though is not due to the FlyRight simulators, which in themselves are first rate, but because of the attitude and quality of the training staff.

The attitude of everyone I met there was one of helpfulness, showing the desire to go the extra mile as needed to ensure a successful outcome to their training program. This attitude was evident from the top onsite management to the support staff and it made a big impression on me.

In particular, I would like to single out two of your instructors that I had the good fortune of working with, John and Kevin. John was my primary instructor and Kevin took his free time to tutor me in areas on weakness to help me put all the pieces of system knowledge together.  I can say without reservation that these two men made the difference for me in this class. I would not have been able to complete the course in the allotted time without their splendid effort.  Both of these men not only demonstrated a mastery of the systems and methods of operation but they both have the ability to read their students and vary their teaching style as needed to ensure the student gains a working knowledge of the systems as needed to perform the required tasks in the simulator.

I would most definitely recommend the FlyRight services to anyone who is looking for a focused, success-oriented flight training program.

William E. - BE300 Initial Training