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Caravan 208 Recurrent Training

Caravan 208 Analog Recurrent
Pilot Training (3 day course)

In our Cessna Caravan 208 recurrent training course, you’ll practice cockpit procedures and aircraft handling while training for normal, abnormal, and emergency situations. In our Cessna Caravan 208 Recurrent course, you’ll review aircraft systems, limitations, performance, and procedures – as well as weather, FAR/AIMs, CRM, and Aeronautical Decision Making.  Our Caravan 208 recurrent course is insurance approved.

Blackhawk Performance Training is also available now for owners and operators of upgraded Cessna Caravan 208 aircraft with Blackhawk Engines.

FARs Satisfied
Program Training (Hours:Mins)
61.56 Flight Review Ground School
11:45 hrs
Private, Commercial or ATP
61.57 (a) Landing Recency Brief/Debrief
4:30 hrs
Instrument Rating
61.57 (b) Night Landing Recency Simulator
6 hrs
61.57 (c) Instrument Recency
61.57 (d) IPC (if requested)


Day 1  (time in Hours:Minutes)    
0:45   Register, Introductions & Paperwork, Instructional Philosophy & Facility Overview
3:30   Systems Review:    
    Aircraft Overview Electrical Fuel
    Fire Detection Master Warn. System Maneuvers&Proc. 1
    Aircraft Manuals Landing Gear&Brakes Lighting
1:00   Break    
1:00   CFIT – Adverse Weather  
1:00   Flight Training Briefing    
2:00   Recurrent Sim Session 1    
1:00   Flight Training Debriefing  
Day 2        
4:00   Systems Review:    
    Powerplant&Prop Avionics 2 Oxygen
    Flight Controls Air Conditioning Pneumatics
    Ice&Rain Protection Maneuvers&Proc. 2 FAR/AIM
1:00   Break    
1:00   Preflight    
1:00   Flight Training Briefing    
2:00   Recurrent Sim Session 2    
0:30   Flight Training Debriefing  
Day 3        
4:00   Systems Review:    
    Limitations Handling, Svc.&Maint. Weight&Balance
    Planning&Performance Special Emphasis ADM/CRM 
1:00   Break    
1:00   Final Exam    
1:00   Flight Training Briefing    
2:00   Recurrent Sim Session 3    
0:30   Flight Training Debriefing  

Please contact us for more information.

A detailed simulator specifications sheet is available.  Our Cessna Grand Caravan 208 device is also available for lease.