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Dash 8 Recurrent Training

DHC-8 Recurrent Training (3 or 4 days to complete)

In our Dash-8 Recurrent training program cockpit procedures and aircraft handling will be conducted using our full-motion Bombardier Dash 8 Level-C simulator while training for normal, abnormal and emergency situations. You will also learn aircraft systems, limitations, performance, and procedures, as well as weather, high altitude physiology, FAR/AIMs, CRM and Aeronautical Decision Making. Our Dash 8 100 and 300 courses are FAA and insurance approved. Our differences programs to the Dash 8 200 are insurance approved.

FARs Satisfied
Program Training Hours
61.56 Flight Review Ground School
16.0 hrs
– Minimum of
61.57 (a) Landing Recency Brief/Debrief
4.5 hrs
  Private Pilot
61.57 (b) Night Landing Recency Simulator
10 hrs
(reducible- 8.0) – Instrument
61.57 (d) IPC (if requested) Total 30.5 hrs (reducible- 28.5)   Rating
  – Multi-Engine

**12 hours of distance learning (CBT) on Aircraft Systems MUST be completed before arriving for training**

Day 1  (time in Hours:Minutes)    
2:00   Systems Review
1:00   General Operating Subjects Review
1:00   Written Exam
Day 2  (time in Hours:Minutes)    
1:30   Briefing
1:00   Sim Session (PF/PM)
1:00   Sim Session (PM/PF)
0:30   Debrief
Day 3  (time in Hours:Minutes)    
1:30   Briefing
2:00   Sim Session (PF/PM)
2:00   Sim Session (PM/PF)
0:30   Debrief
Day 4  (time in Hours:Minutes)    
1:30   Briefing
2:00   Sim Session (PF/PM)
2:00   Sim Session (PM/PF)
0:30   Debrief

**Option Available – 61.58 Check Ride (adds one more additional day onto training)

Please contact us for more information.

A detailed simulator specifications sheet is available here. The simulator is also available for lease.