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Full-motion simulators

Full Motion Simulators
Our training equipment includes the following:

  • Caravan 208B (Classic and G1000)
  • Level-C King Air C90A
  • Level-C King Air B200 (Classic)
  • Level-D King Air 200/350 G1000
  • Level-D King Air 350 Pro Line 21
  • Level-C Dash 8 (100/300)

Our simulators are also certified by Transport Canada and Brazilian ANAC for training!

Only Level C and Level D (full motion) simulators are approved by the FAA for 100% of type rating and ATP training and maneuvers – including the most critical phases of flight – landing and most of the emergency maneuvers! The FAA doesn’t give training credit in a non-motion training device for

  •  Landings
  •  V1 cuts
  •  Missed approaches
  •  Cross-wind take-offs
  •  Cross-wind approaches

Our simulator’s flying qualities really wowed the FAA.  In fact, they were our first customer! FlyRight’s King Air 200 simulator is FAA approved for the Garmin GNS-400, enabling you to train for GPS approaches. Fully EFIS equipped, the King Air 200 simulator also has TCAS and TAWS. The King Air 350 simulator is equipped with Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics and we are an approved Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 training provider.

Our training center is FAA 142 certified with full-motion Level C and D simulators.

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Our first customer? The FAA.