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ATP Option Initial

Combined with FlyRight’s King Air 200 Initial course, the ATP rating program is the ideal way to get your King Air training and earn the ATP rating in one efficient, coordinated program. Our Initial courses meet the most stringent requirements of the FAA and are designed to train you safely and effectively. We review aircraft systems and focus on abnormal and emergency procedures. We recognize it’s difficult to learn if you’re bored to tears – that’s why we strive to keep our courseware interesting, and our instructors are focused on keeping the training relevant.

Following the ground training, cockpit procedures, and simulator sessions associated with one of FlyRights King Air Initial programs, you’ll be intimately familiar with the aircraft and the simulator and will have performed to ATP standards during your training. Now you’ll take your ATP check ride with FlyRight’s in-house Training Center Evaluator, and compete the rating with a 2 hour LOFT session in the simulator. This course is FAA approved.

The course overview shown below highlights the combined Initial and ATP program, while the schedule at the bottom of the page details the schedule for the ATP add-on module.

FARs Satisfied
Program Hours
61.56 Flight Review Ground School
22 hrs
Private or commercial
61.57 (a) Landing Recency Brief/Debrief
9 hrs
Instrument Rating
61.57 (b) Night Landing Recency Simulator
10 hrs
61.57 (c) Instrument Recency Check Ride
2 hrs
1,500 hours
61.57 (d) IPC LOFT
2 hrs
ATP written passed within the last 24 months
61.31 (g) High Altitude Endorsement
61 Subpart G Airline Transport Pilot


Add-on Day    
8:30 AM   Simulator LOFT Brief
9:30 AM Simulator LOFT
11:30 AM   Simulator LOFT Debrief
12:00 PM   Lunch
1:00 PM   Simulator Checkride Brief  
2:00 PM   Simulator Checkride
4:00 PM   Simulator Checkride Debrief