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Training Center

FlyRight’s New Training Center is conveniently located at the Concord Regional Airport. Modern, comfortable, spacious and conducive to learning – we’ve set a goal of exceeding your expectations.

Our courses are taught in spacious classrooms where each pilot has plenty of elbow room. The classrooms are equipped with state of the art equipment, including LED SmartBoards and large-screen auxiliary displays for cockpit displays for big, bright and persuasive graphical presentations.

Study rooms
Studying is part of the process, and if you need a quiet room for study or to review materials, we have rooms available.

Internet access
Wired or wireless, it’s your choice. Some pilots bring their own notebook computers and just want access. Others travel light and just want to surf the net or check their emails during their breaks. We’ve got you covered.

Brief and Debrief rooms
Each simulator session is preceded and followed by a review with the simulator instructor. These briefs/debriefs take place in your classroom or computerized briefing and debriefing rooms where crew and instructors can work through your simulator lesson plans and review simulator sessions.

Break room
We all need a break at some point. Why not have a cup of coffee and relax?  FlyRight has added a new dedicated client lounge where you can relax while watching the big-screen TV, catching up on work, or just taking a nap.