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Chris C. – BE-200 Initial (July 2019)

Each of my instructors provided an exceptional training experience I won’t forget. Bob and Dan shared the duties as my primary instructors and could not have been better. Both are extremely knowledgeable and welcoming while providing a level of instruction that is second to none. Mike also delivered a fantastic sim session from which I learned a lot. From the moment my training began, the instructors took time to get to know me on a human level before beginning the instruction, establishing a friendly connection that would prove to be helpful during the training week. All three of my instructors made my week at FlyRight one of the best training experiences I’ve had. As my primary ground and sim instructors, Dan and Bob presented me with the required course material and made sure I was comfortable with what was scheduled in my training program. All of my instructors also went a step beyond that and explained additional areas and occurrences I might see in the real world. They took additional time to teach me other real-world scenarios both in the sim and during ground training. This made it clear to me that they truly value my time and safety as a student but also genuinely care about my progression as a professional pilot. FlyRight should be extremely proud to have quality instructors like Bob, Dan, and Mike on their team. Well done.