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Dave B. – BE-200 Recurrent (November 2018)

I have been flying since 1981. I have been around a lot of instructors. Dan is in the top 1%. Unlike many instructors who like to impress you with their knowledge, Dan shared his expertise in a humble manner concentrating on improving the students understanding of the material presented to them. This recurrent training was not just a review for me. I have been around the B200 and C12 since 1985. I will not claim that I know everything about the aircraft, not even close, but it was refreshing to have learned new things from Dan. What that meant for me is that Dan did not repeat the standard agenda but presented information that was new and interesting which kept the student interested and awake knowing that something new would be introduced. My simulator sessions were an exercise of my experience with excellent instruction that made me a better aviator. This was one of the best recurrent training experiences I have ever had.