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Jesse J. – BE300 Initial + Type rating + 135 Check Ride (May 2018)

Overall, I had a wonderful experience at Flyright.. I thought the facilities and equipment were in great condition. I really enjoyed the facility being open 24hrs. It is a nice, quiet place to study at the end of the day besides your hotel room and being able to use the VAPT was a great way to continue your training with the equipment outside your scheduled hours.  I appreciated the introduction from Jay on day 1, that if we do not mesh well with our instructors, to please let him know and he will set us up with some one else. Just another reason why I enjoyed Flyright, everyone is straight forward with you. Plus, every instructor has a different way of teaching, they are not right or wrong, it is just their style. After Bob, I had Chris for the remainder of my ground lessons and Chris was just the instructor I was expecting to find. I was mentally exhausted after Chris’ classes, but I also became very knowledgeable with the systems. After finishing ground, I met Guy and Carols for my sim training. Again, I could not have asked for better instructors. Not only knowledgeable with the aircraft, but a lot of real life experience which is always a great learning experience. Neither of them made it easy on you in the sim, which helped out tremendously during the check ride. Which is were I met Jim Klepper, my examiner. I could not have ended my time at Flyright with a better person. Not only did he perform my oral and flight examination, but he made sure that I was still learning something until the very end by not only being strictly an examiner, but as a teacher as well. Finally, I can not forget about Zee and Brenda, two people who made my time there very pleasant in between the classes and seem to be the glue that holds this place together. Thanks for everything!