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Lee R. – C208 Recurrent (February 2019)

This was my second visit to FlyRight for recurrent Caravan training … I could not be happier! FlyRight is far superior to (competitor name removed) because of the simulator (in spite of a few “bugs”) the overall contact experience with the FlyRight staff is really outstanding! I hope to keep coming back every six months … I would be really “ticked” if we had to go back to Wichita … not that (competitor name removed) is bad, it is just that FlyRight does things better in every respect. The “magic” briefing screens, the personal attention the instructors give to students and the support staff would be hard to beat. Randy and Carlos are to be commended for their patience and understanding for what turned out to be a long Day 2! Brandy went out of her way as did the rest of the staff to ensure we were where we needed to be at the right time. The simulator technicians put a lot of effort in successfully working through a roll control loading problem we experienced. As we used tp say in a previous life … “BZ” to all hands!
Outstanding … Randy and Carlos both had a great attitude for dealing with what turned out to be a long day … cheerful, put us immediately at ease and had a way of evoking answers in a non-threatening way. There are two kinds of instructors, those that deliberately create pressure ad those that relieve pressure yet know when to be firm if needed. A good instructor recognizes that most students want to do well and try to be as prepared as possible and will create an environment that allows the student to try and do their best. Randy and Carlos both fit the description of really excellent instructors/evaluators.

Make no mistake, I had good instructors at (competitor name removed) … however, the FlyRight instructors have a decided edge. I think it has to do with the overall environment at FlyRight … kind of a “name not a number” mindset. FlyRight is smaller and more personal. I just enjoy the atmosphere and the interaction with the instructors I have had at FlyRight more.