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Spencer B. – C208B Recurrent 10/2017

Your FlyRight facility, as a whole, is top-notch! The folks there, whom I met, were most friendly and welcoming. Moreover, my instructors there were excellent as well! Randy, Dave, and Mark each were: extremely personable; most knowledgeable, and each possessed extensive, and varied flight experience. That, to me, is MOST appreciated! Your FlyRight facility, in of itself, is extremely attractive as a whole. Overall, I had an extremely excellent experience at FlyRight. I would strongly recommend that any pilot, both newcomers and veterans alike, take the aircraft courses that you provide; I had already apprised my employer with regards to the superb quality of FlyRight. Thank you all so for an excellent learning experience.

I really enjoyed how my instructors challenged me and exposed me to any potential would-be in-flight emergencies.

Your FlyRight instructors have extensive real-world experience that I have never experienced before in a classroom. [Competitor name removed] isn’t bad; however, [Competitor name removed] felt more “processed” as opposed to FlyRight. I appreciate the fact that FlyRight is more one-on-one and more personalized – as opposed to [Competitor name removed].