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King Air 200 Type Rating Program with Initial or Recurrent Training

Our King Air 200 initial and recurrent training can be paired with a Type Rating or ATP certification (or both ATP and Type). FlyRight programs are fully “in-house” and we are the only company in the United States authorized to grant the Beechcraft B200 Type Rating in our 100% simulator-based program. We are fully staffed with instructors and evaluators and our Level-C and Level-D training equipment is owned (not/leased) and operated/maintained in accordance with FAA Part-60 standards.

Our courseware and instructional philosophy are based on best practices from corporate and commercial training, and heavily influenced by NASA’s study of human interaction with complex machines. We focus on policy, procedures, checklists and flows, and discourage troubleshooting or creating procedures on the fly. Because we know it’s hard to learn if you’re bored to tears, our instructors are focused on keeping you engaged and ensure the presentation is interesting and lively. Each of our instructors has thousands of hours of King Air piloting experience and they enjoy teaching.

Prerequisites, Program Hours and Endorsements

FlyRight’s FAA-approved B200 Initial Type Rating Program is fast-paced and intensive. Beginning with Ground School, you will study aircraft systems, learn normal procedures and focus on abnormal and emergency procedures. After thoroughly learning aircraft systems in the academic environment you will progress to cockpit procedures and simulator sessions. You will fly the simulator to Type Rating/ATP standards. Upon completion of all maneuvers and procedures you will undertake a practice checkride in order to be recommended for the Line Oriented Flight Training and check ride session.

FARs Satisfied
Program Training Hours
61.56 Flight Review Ground School
22 hrs
Private, Commercial or ATP
61.57 (a) Landing Recency Brief/Debrief
7.5 hrs
Instrument Rating
61.57 (b) Night Landing Recency Simulator
10 hrs
61.57 (c) Instrument Recency Check Ride
2 hrs
61.57 (d) IPC (if requested)
61.31 (g) High Alt Endorsment
61.63 (d) Aircraft Type Rating