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Steve S. – BE-200 Initial (April 2019)

First, I would like to thank Dan for his patient yet direct approach to my flying skills and teaching me the hard lessons I needed to see as well as his excellent presentation of the classroom material and adding personal experience to help make it easier to understand.Read More

Chris C. – BE-200 Initial (July 2019)

Each of my instructors provided an exceptional training experience I won’t forget. Bob and Dan shared the duties as my primary instructors and could not have been better. Both are extremely knowledgeable and welcoming while providing a level of instruction that is second to none.Read More

Sergio M. – BE-200 Recurrents (June 2018)

Your “strengths” are your instructors, all of them, you have a bunch of real life experience in them, kindly shared to beginner pilots, like us , We love that. I Really want to thank BOB for being such a GREAT instructor and human being, we had the BEST recurrent training ever!!Read More