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Lee R. – C208 Recurrent (July 2018)

FlyRight is head and shoulders above (Competitors name removed) from the standpoint of the course materials and the -208 simulator. Instructors … we had Mark for our warm up and Guy for our check ride. I can’t say enough positive things about both of them. Their experience level is varied and significant which is good. I felt that when Mark turned us loose, we would be fine on the check ride. I was pretty well beat after the warm up … as well I should have been! Guy immediately put us at ease (as did Mark) and ran a very straightforward check ride … no surprises. The visual is way better than the sim at (Competitors name removed) … and I think the FlyRight sim just flies better all around … and that is largely, again, due to the way the sim trims up. Both Mark and Guy had hints and tips for flying the sim and their words of wisdom were much appreciated! Top notch … and the reasons are their patience, sense of humor and a willingness to put in the time and effort to see that we got the most out of our training. They know what they are talking about.