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Marc N. – C208 Recurrent (July 2018)

After five times at (Competitors name removed) (all successful evaluations), twice for C-208B initials and recurrents as well as a Hawker type rating, I prefer your program, instructor, evaluator, simulator and facility. (Competitors name removed) seems to have slowly degraded in customer service over the past ten years. Mark is really good. I had the chance to talk to him when he came out and observed some of my flights at (Company name removed) on the line. He is really level headed and has a proper instructor attitude. Definitely the kind of pilot I would want to fly with on any line and very personable. His instruction was clear, followed the course curriculum and he was able to help correct my steep turns from unacceptable to an only +/- 20 foot loss in the two 360s in about 5 minutes. He understands the sim and what a pilot needs to hear to correct. Checkride was a breeze after the flight with him. Guy is frickin awesome. He cuts right to the deal and did not waste time. He ran all the profiles accurately and fairly. He made the testing environment very stress free, so I just got in and flew, showed what I could do. The oral was thorough on both the general Caravan topics as well as our Operational Specifications. Nothing was “easy.” It was fair and thorough. Yeah, you are running a quality program.