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Lee R. – C208 Recurrent (February 2019)

This was my second visit to FlyRight for recurrent Caravan training … I could not be happier! FlyRight is far superior to (competitor name removed) because of the simulator (in spite of a few “bugs”) the overall contact experience with the FlyRight staff is really outstanding!Read More

Marc N. – C208 Recurrent (July 2018)

After five times at (Competitors name removed) (all successful evaluations), twice for C-208B initials and recurrents as well as a Hawker type rating, I prefer your program, instructor, evaluator, simulator and facility. (Competitors name removed) seems to have slowly degraded in customer service over the past ten years.Read More

Micah O. – C208 Initial (June 2018)

I was very impressed with the facilities at FlyRight. The classrooms and simulators were clearly very well maintained. Also, Z at the front desk is an absolute rock star who provided a customer service experience far above what I had expected. Read More

Faisal E. – C208 Initial (March 2018)

The office staff have been very courteous and welcoming. The facility and equipment are top notch. The flight instructors, Mark and Carlos, went above and beyond to ensure I received the level of training and proficiency I needed.Read More